Active Kids Day Nursery

Thank  you for every day that you took care of me whilst I played.  For all the things I learned, like being fair and taking turns.  For time you spent teaching me ABC's and wiping tears for my skinned knees. For knowing a hug is what I needed and the story times and books we read.  For the tenderness you imparted while teaching me to be kind hearted. For teaching me songs I love to sing as we all held hands in a friendship ring. For being there when Mummy couldn't be and making each day a special memory.

Thank you so  much I will miss you all xxx

Lily - Sept 2015

A massive Thank you to everyone who has made Lilly's 4 years with you a happy, safe, loving and fun learning experience.  We really appreciate everything you have done for her. It was clear from day 1 that Lilly has enjoyed every minute with you (seeing as she never wants to come home)!!

Special thanks to Christine for making all the yummy food and also to Rosie and Kim for making Lilly's final year in pre-school super fun.  I know she think's you're both fab and is going to miss you lots!!

Lilly August 2014

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Thank you for looking after Sidney and making his experience at Nursery an enjoyable one: he has been very happy here and I know he will miss you all!  We couldn't have asked for anything more!! September 2015

We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work!  We know how much Emma loves you all.  She loves coming to nursery which helps with the guilt of having to go to work!

While Emma has been in Big Toddlers we have seen her grow from being our baby to now being our little girl and full of personality!!  Emma Sept 2015